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Greg Palast is the author of Billionaires and Ballot Bandits (out on September 18), Vultures’ Picnic and the New York Times bestsellers, Armed Madhouse and The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. When Palast, anfreezefromreel.jpg investigator of corporate fraud and racketeering, turned his skills to journalism, he was quickly recognized as, “The most important investigative reporter of our time” [Tribune Magazine] in Britain, where his first reports appeared on BBC television and in the Guardian newspapers.

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Palast is best known in his native USA as the journalist who, for the Observer (UK), broke the story of how Jeb Bush purged thousands of Black Florida citizens from voter rolls before the 2000 election, thereby handing the White House to his brother George. His reports on the theft of election 2004, the spike of the FBI investigations of the bin Ladens before September 11, the secret State Department documents planning the seizure of Iraq’s oil fields have won him a record six “Project Censored” for reporting the news American media doesn’t want you to hear. “The top investigative journalist in the United States is persona non grata in his own country’s media.” [Asia Times.] He returned to America to report for Harper’s Magazine.

Palast’s Sam Spade style television and print expos’es about elections manipulations, War on Terror and globalization, as seen on BBC ‘s Newsnight and Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now!

Palast, who has led investigations for government on three continents, has an academic side: the author of Democracy and Regulation, a seminal treatise on energy corporations and government control commissioned by the United Nations based on his lectures at Cambridge University and the University of Sao Paulo.

Beginning in the 1970s, having earned his degree in finance studying under Milton Friedman and free-trade luminaries, Palast went on to challenge their vision of a New Global Order, working for the United Steelworkers of America, the Enron workers’ coalition in Latin America and consumer and environmental groups worldwide. As an investigator for the Chugach Natives of Alaska, he uncovered the oil company frauds which led to the grounding of the Exxon Valdez. His racketeering probe of a nuclear plant operator led to one of the largest jury judgments in US history

In 1998 Palast went undercover for Britain’s Observer, worked his way inside the prime minister’s inner circle and busted open Tony Blair’s biggest scandal, “Lobbygate,” chosen by Palast’s press colleagues in the UK as “Story of the Year.” As the Chicago Tribune said, became a “fanatic about documents–especially those marked “secret and confidential” from the locked file cabinets of the FBI, the World Bank, the US State Department and other closed-door operations of government and industry–which regularly find their way into Palast’s hands. The inside information he obtained on Rev. Pat Robertson won him a nomination as Britain’s top business journalist.

Palast, Guerrilla News Network’s Guerrilla of the Year, is Patron of the Trinity College Philosophical Society, an honor previously held by Jonathan Swift and Oscar Wilde. His writings have won the Financial Times David Thomas Prize–and inspired the Eminem video, Mosh. “An American hero,” said Martin Luther King III. In the BBC documentary, Bush Family Fortunes, Palast exposed George Bush Jr.’s dodging the Vietnam War draft. Greg Palast, says Noam Chomsky, “Upsets all the right people.”

Palast won the George Orwell Courage in Journalism Award for his BBC documentary, Bush Family Fortunes.

What they’re saying …
“Greg Palast is one of my heroes. The last investigative reporter in America. In Armed Madhouse he has the best inside story of the war inside the White House over the war in Iraq, the battle between the neo-cons and Big Oil.” -Robert F Kennedy Jr. -Air America Radio

“Twisted and maniacal” -Katherine Harris

“We hate that sonuvabitch.” -The White House

“Doggedly independent, undaunted by power. His stories bite, they’re so relevant they threaten to alter history” -Chicago Tribune

In England, Tribune Magazine calls him, “The most important investigative reporter of our time.”

“Greg Palast is investigative journalism at its best. No one has exposed more truth about the Bush Cartel and lived to tell the story.” – Baltimore Chronicle

“Armed Madhouse is great fun. Palast, detective style, provides … pieces of the secret puzzle.” – The New Yorker

The Chicago Reader asks about Greg Palast, “Can one reporter change the entire political discourse of the nation?”

In Britain he’s called, “The most important investigative reporter of our time.” -Tribune
After exposing on BBC TV the contents of a stack of documents from inside The World Bank and the World Trade Organization, the WTO called his report, “Rubbish rubbish rubbish,” and CNN reported, “The World Bank hates Greg Palast” for stories the Wall Street Journal’s Jude Wanniski called, “Extraordinary reporting on the IMF,” and Nobel Laureate Joesph Stiglitz called, “Excellent on the WTO.”

“The information is a hand grenade.” – John Pilger, New Statesman

“Up there with Woodward and Bernstein.” -Manchester Guardian

“Just read Armed Madhouse – fantastic work.” – Comedian Doug Stanhope

“What does a multi-award winning reporting investigator do when he has a huge story to break? If it’s Greg Palast, one of America’s foremost journalists, he goes to England! Greg Palast has repeatedly scooped the U.S. networks, and newspaper elites, reporting for London’s Guardian newspaper, and BBC television’s current affairs flagship program, Newsnight. He’s reported on the truth behind George W. Bush’s theft of the 2000 presidential election, the attempted theft of Venezuelan democracy, the World Bank’s willful destruction of Argentina, Enron’s looting of California, and the cozy relationship between the Bush and Bin Laden dynasties. The problem is: The men behind the curtain of America’s media don’t want you to know about these, or any of the other stories he has to tell. Undeterred by the sucking vacuum of America’s mainstream media, Greg put together a few of his greatest journalistic hits in the book, “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: the Truth About Corporate Cons, Globalization, and High-Finance Fraudsters.” Ironically, the stories the New York Times didn’t find fit to print have become a New York Times best-seller. Now Greg Palast is releasing a DVD, “Bush Family Fortunes,” based on “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy,” and featuring some of his reports from Britain.” – Chris Cook, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

“Armed Madhouse is a work of Genius” -Robert F Kennedy Jr. -Air America Radio


Patron of the Philosophical Society, Trinity College (an award previously given to Oscar Wilde and Jonathan Swift)

The Upton Sinclair Freedom of Expression Award The American Civil Liberties Union

George Orwell Courage in Journalism Award: Freedom Cinema Fest at The Sundance Film Festival

The Financial Times David Thomas Prize

Nominated for Business Journalist of the Year 1998 (UK)

Politics Story of the Year on 2001

Guerilla News Network’s Reporter of the Year

The Peace and Justice Award -Office of the Americas

Path Breaking Investigative Journalism Award–Long Island Progressive Coalition

National Press Club’s Arthur Rowse Award for Press Criticism, Book Category, First Place.

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